What follows is a self- scoring quiz on basic environmental perception of place. It is a tool used to help you define your bioregion. The quiz is culture bound, favouring those who live in the country, over city dwellers, who are less likely to notice their environment.

1. Trace the water you drink from precipitation to tap.

2. How many days till the moon is full (plus or minus a couple of days) ?

3. Describe the soil around your home.

4. Where is the food you eat grown ?

5. What were the primary subsistence techniques of the cultures that lived in the area before you ?

6. Name five native, edible plants in your bioregion and their season(s) of availability.

7. From which direction do summer storms generally come in your bioregion ?

8. Where does your garbage go ?

9. On what day of the year are the shadows shortest where you live ?

10. Name five trees in your area. Are any of them native ? ( if you can’t name them describe them )

11. How long is the growing season where you live ?

12. Name five resident, and any migratory, birds in your bioregion.

13. What is the land use history of humans in your bioregion during the last century ?

14. What primary geological event or process influenced the land where you live ?

15. What species have become extinct in your bioregion ?

16. What are the major plant associations in your bioregion?

17. From where you are reading this point north.

18. What spring wildflower is consistently first to bloom ?

19. What kinds of rocks and minerals are found in your bioregion ?

20. Were the stars out last night ?

21. Name some beings (non human) which share your shelter.

22. Do you celebrate the turning of the summer and winter solstices ?

23. How many people live next door to you ? What are their names ?

24. How much petrol do you use a week, on average ?

25. What energy costs you the most money ? What kind of energy is it ?

26. What developed, and potential, energy resources are in your area ?

27. How many creeks are in walking distance of your shelter and what are they called ?

28. What plans are there for development of energy or mineral resources in your bioregion ?

29. What is the largest wilderness area in your bioregion ?


WINTER 1981.